An EMP attack can be initiated from multiple sources: Tips on how to prepare

It’s important to understand two things about EMPs: that they have the ability to shut down America’s entire electrical grid and potentially result in significant loss of life, and that they can come from several different sources. As points out, an electromagnetic pulse can be caused by a lightning strike, a meteor hurling through the atmosphere, an attack from a foreign nation, or even something as simple as your car engine starting up (although the latter was ultimately resolved back in the 1980s via the passage of a law saying they had to shield starters).

Regardless of how it happens, the fact of the matter is that a large-scale EMP can throw an entire country into the darkness and even potentially lead to societal collapse. Stores will likely jack up their prices in the days following a collapse – that is, of course, assuming that their goods aren’t looted before they have a chance to sell them. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see riots in the streets and entire cities going up in flames, and without easy access to medical care, disease could potentially spread and kill millions. These reasons and more are exactly why it’s so important that you prepare for an EMP so that you and your loved ones can survive when the lights go out.

As explained by, “Preparing for a long term grid down situation would be akin to learning how to live comfortably in the 1800’s,” because while you may be able to find some hardened generators or some pockets of clean water, “for the most part the country would be dark.” Having a supply of canned and dehydrated food can keep you fed for the first few months after the grid goes down, but eventually you will be left with no choice but to go out and collect your own food, whether that means growing your own crops, fishing in a nearby watering hole, or hunting for small and medium game.

After an EMP, chances are you’ll need a firearm for more than just hunting, however. Learn how to shoot a gun so that you can defend yourself and your loved ones against potential threats, which will likely include other survivors that are willing to take innocent lives in order to save their own. (Related: Nationwide chaos may only be one missile away – are you prepared for an EMP attack?)

In addition to learning how to properly shoot and maintain a gun, it would probably be a good idea to teach yourself how to make candles, natural lamps and oil for light at night as well. Batteries will only last you for some long, and when you run out, it could be years before you get the luxury of electric lights again.

According to an article published on, prepping for a large-scale disaster like an EMP blast requires one to have the three basics covered: food, water, and shelter. Stock up on food and learn how to obtain it on your own when your supply runs low, and be prepared to run out of clean water relatively quickly. As far as shelter is concerned, notes, “With a die off of 90 percent, there would probably be plenty of empty houses around,” meaning that if you make it past the first few weeks after an EMP blast, you will likely have many options. (Related: The EMP Commission Chairman has confirmed that a nuclear EMP attack could kill off 90% of the U.S. population).

Of course, going off the grid is a different story, and while setting up a shelter on your own could be challenging, it would reduce the chances that you will come into contact with someone that wants to do you harm. Regardless of what you choose to do, having a fortified shelter after SHTF is arguably just as important as having access to food and water.

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